Hardware & Software

Our talented technicians have extensive experience investigating and troubleshooting problems, repairing system hardware and software, providing upgrades, installing operating systems, and ordering a new system when necessary.

We have pick-up service, as well as in store drop-off, and we service all major equipment brands.

In addition we offer:

  • Transfer of Documents, Emails, Pictures, and Software

  • Upgrade Existing Computers

  • Repair Broken LCDs, Keyboards, and Laptops

  • Set up Printers, Scanners, and Webcams

  • Troubleshoot and Repair Computers, Hard Drives,

  • Monitors, and Other Peripherals

  • Recover Data

  • Repair Computers That Won’t Turn On

  • Configure Windows™ or Apple™ iOS

  • Set up Computers-Including Keyboards, Monitors, and Mouse(s)

  • Increase RAM or Upgrade Hard Drive

  • Connect to Home Networks

  • Set up or Troubleshoot DSL or Cable Internet Connections